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Workshops and Classes

Cultivating Strength- Qi Gong for Heath and Wellbeing

      Location: Kapiolani Park- Ewa Side of Aquarium

      Date: Every Tuesday at 6:30pm stating July 7th, 2020

Are you ready for an engaging exercise class that builds your strength, calms your nerves, and boosts your immune system all at the same time?

Join me in the beautiful Kapiolani Park and dive deep in to the ancient practice of QI Gong. Qi means unseen energy, and Gong means physical mastery or strength. In this practice we develop the physical capacities of our bodies in order to harmonize the unseen energies within.

This class will meet every Tuesday, and we will be working our way through the 8 Silken Forms as taught by Taoist Master Dr. Chang Yi Hsiang. These flowing forms facilitate overall health and wellbeing, and also have a special focus on cultivating the strength to create positive change.

This is an ALL LEVELS class. While the overall practices is inherently relaxing, with each move you will be given options that allow for varying degrees of physical exertion. This can be your meditation and/or your workout. All classes will end with a Gong Sound meditation so please bring a blanket or mat to make yourself comfortable.

Energy Exchange: $10-$20 per class

***Now more than ever it is so important for us to pay attention to the Health and Wisdom of our bodies***

***Now more than ever it is so important to tune into the patterns in Nature and get outside in the Fresh Air***

***Now more than ever it is so important to feel connected to a Community and know we are all in this Together***

Are you ready to feel better?

Do you want safe effective solutions?

Book an appointment and take charge of your health today!

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